Sunday, April 09, 2006

Your caring city council?

On the doorstep yesterday several of you in Risinghurst expressed strong views about your Risinghurst Community Centre in Kiln Lane (pictured).

Some of you wanted it demolished as an eyesore. And as the one visible evidence of the City Council's presence it is truly the Cinderella Centre, a pretty appalling example of what the City Council thinks of the needs of Risinghurst.

Now, community centres do not come cheap but for all its faults Kiln Lane is quite well used by local groups, the play group and so on. And local people on the Community Association struggle to make ends meet with little city council help. The Lib Dems want to transfer the whole management of Community Centres away from the Town Hall and devolve it to local groups so that you can set the priorities.

Money is still tight. There is no magic pot of cash to dole out. But freeing up control of Community Centres should allow local groups to look for ways of funding the facilities they want. As I've blogged before, for example, you just need to compare what the local Risinghurst and Sandhills Parish Council are able to do on their shoestring budget through the commitment of local people, such as with the play area at the top of Kiln Lane, with the facilities the city council offers.

I am a strong believer in keeping things local wherever possible. You should have the opportunity to have a much more active role in the future of community facilities.


At 14:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what would be great would be a nice new community centre near the cricket pitch that can meet the needs of football and cricket teams, scout group and all other community groups. sell the kiln road land and develope something purpose built to suit all the community.


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